April 2024 Meeting News

The OCIPMS meeting for April found the club in a different meeting room at the Church.  Everyone seemed to like the room, a little smaller but with good lighting and enough room for all the contest tables.

Turnout was good and two new members joined the club this month.

The discussion for the meeting was building kits that are outside the usual with the aim to produce an amusing and/or weird and crazy build.  Kit bashing was discussed to produce one-of-a-kind models to satisfy your inner child.

The monthly theme was April Fools – strange, crazy or “different” models.  We had many kits that fit the theme for April.

Contest results: April 2024 Contest Results

Remember: Next month we will be meeting at Brookhurst Hobbies – Click here for details.

Look through the pictures for the April meeting. (pictures provided by Steve Taylor)

See you all at Brookhurst Hobbies for the May meeting