Monthly Contest Themes

IPMSOC 2023 Monthly Contest Themes:

Jan: Football Night – Any subject with a name associated with a football team.

Feb: Detroit Iron – Any American Built Car, Truck, or other vehicle.

Mar: Comes In Threes – Anything known for three of one thing. Three wings, three engines, three wheels, three masts – you get the idea.

Apr: Movie/TV Subject – Any subject with a specific recognizable connection to a movie or television show.

May: British – In honor of the King’s Coronation – Anything made in Britain.

June: Korea – The Forgotten War – Any subject known to be associated with the ‘Police Action’ in Korea.

July: Tiki Hut Cruise Night – bring an automotive subject to “Cruise” to the Tiki Hut.

Aug: Panzer – Any German Tank.

Sept: Swinging 60’s – Any 1960’s subject.

Oct: Sci-Fi and Fantasy – Any subject that is Science Fiction or Fantasy based.

Nov: Made in America – Anything made in the United States.

Dec: Douglas/McDonnel Douglas – Any subject produced by them.

Jan 2023: Old Kits – Any subject built from a kit originally released BEFORE 1980.  Reissues may be used.  Bring instructions and/or box art.