About Orange County IPMS

Founded in 1968, The International Plastic Modeler’s Society of Orange County is the premier Plastic Modeling club of Southern California.

As stated in our constitutional document, the purpose and objective of IPMS/OC is to:

Promote and enjoy the amateur pastime of miniature modeling.

Furnish a common meeting place for IPMS/OC members.

Disseminate information and provide support and encouragement to IPMS/OC members.

Enjoy cordial relations with other IPMS Chapters, both national and international, and other organizations with related objectives.



Club Constitution and By-laws

Article I

The Organization to which this Constitution and Bylaws pertain is the Orange County Chapter of the International Plastic Modelers Society of the United States of America (known as IPMS/USA), and is hereinafter termed IPMS/OC.

Article II

The objectives of IPMS/OC are:

  1. To promote and enjoy the amateur pastime of miniature modeling.
  2. To furnish a common meeting place for IPMS/OC members.
  3. To disseminate information and provide support and encouragement to IPMS/OC members.
  4. To enjoy cordial relations with other IPMS Chapters, both national and international, and other organizations with related objectives.

Article III

IPMS/OC is established as a financial entity solely for the purposes of furthering the enjoyment of it’s members, and specifically without intent to profit monetarily from any activity supported or endorsed by it or in which it is engaged.

In the event that IPMS/OC shall be dissolved, the value of any and all real property held by IPMS/OC shall be sold with 30 (thirty) days of such dissolution becoming effective, and the moneys thereby realized, together with any and all other moneys net to hand after the payment of all legal debts and obligations, shall be donated to a charitable organization designated by the members.

Article IV

Membership of IPMS/OC shall be open to any and all applicants without condition, except that persons younger than 18 (eighteen) years shall present either written parental consent to their application or the sponsorship of a current member of IPMS/OC willing to act in loco parentis.

The applicant, upon payment of the annual membership fee and thereby expressly agreeing to uphold and be governed by the Constitution and Bylaws of IPMS/OC, shall be granted membership and accorded the rights and privileges thereof.

Any member shall be deemed to have abandoned the rights and privileges of membership should that member’s annual fee not be renewed within 30 (thirty) days of the end of the annual fee period. Membership rights and privileges shall be restored to the member upon renewal payment of the membership fee.

Membership may be available in various classes or grades, and public access to meetings shall be afforded by a non-member class or grade.

Article V

IPMS/OC, being a Constituted Organization, shall have Officers to guide, manage and execute the business of IPMS/OC, as directed, endorsed or permitted by the members thereof.

The Officers shall be elected at a general meeting of IPMS/OC by popular vote of the membership present and in good standing.

The Term of Office of all Offices shall be one (1) calendar year.

Elections of Officers shall be held annually, and these elections shall be held in November.

Officers shall be members in good standing.

Offices Constitutionally required shall be, in order of precedence or ranks:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Contest Director

These Officers shall be known collectively as the Executive Committee

Additional Offices may be created as deemed necessary and desirable by the Executive Committee.

Subordinate Committees may be formed for specific activities or to perform specific duties. Such committees shall be formed from members not elected to the Executive Committee, but shall include at least one Officer who shall act as chairman of the subordinate committee.

There shall be no cause why more than one office may not be held by a single member, but there shall be no less than three members holding elected office.

Should it become necessary for any officer to relinquish or be removed from the duties of office before the end of the term of office, the remaining officers may appoint another member without popular election to perform those duties for the balance of that term.

Article VI

The President shall preside over all meeting of the Executive Committee.

Should the President be temporarily unable to perform this duty, the President pro-tem shall be that Officer holding highest rank at the time of the meeting.

The President shall be a member ex officio of any subordinate Committee, and may attend meetings of such Committee without notice.

The Vice President shall preside over Committee meetings in the absence of the President.

The Secretary shall prepare, transmit, receive, and record all correspondence between IPMS/OC, it’s officers and Committees, and individuals and other organizations.

The Secretary shall record, safeguard and present minutes of Committee meetings.

The Secretary shall ensure the preparation and distribution of any periodical or singular communication to the members.

The Treasurer shall collect, record and safeguard all moneys of whatever description pertaining to the activities of IPMS/OC.

The Treasurer shall maintain a detailed accounting of all monetary transactions and holdings.

The Treasurer shall present a financial report to the members at the end of the term of office, and on any extraordinary occasion required by the members.

The Contest Director shall manage and direct all contests and contest activities.

The Contest Director shall be responsible for identifying and maintaining standards of judging.

The Contest Director shall be responsible for identifying and formulating the criteria determining the classifications of all models presented for contest.

Article VII

There shall be no less than six (6) general meetings of IPMS/OC in any calendar year open to members and the public.

Extraordinary meetings may be called for whatever purpose by:

  1. The President
  2. A simple majority of the Executive Committee at vote
  3. A simple majority of the members at vote

All meetings shall be held in accordance with Robert’s “Rules of Order”.

Meeting places, starting times and duration’s, or changes thereto, may be suggested by any member, and shall be adopted subject to the favorable vote of a majority of members in good standing.

Article VIII

Annual fees for all classes of membership may be proposed by the Executive Committee, and endorsed by a simple majority of members present and in good standing at the first meeting of the annual period.

No individual Officer may make a payment of any kind, incur a monetary liability, or undertake a contract of any nature on behalf of IPMS/OC. The individual Officer shall be solely and totally responsible for the results of such actions.

The signatures of no less than two Officers shall be necessary on any written monetary instrument or written legal agreement.

No legal agreement of any nature, nor any extraordinary expenditure may be made by any Officer or Officers without the prior endorsement of the members.

Officers may collectively allow or require, and the members shall permit without general meeting, authorized Officers to disburse funds or make expenditures of modest, regular and reasonable amounts on behalf of and wholly and solely for the benefit of IPMS/OC.

Exceptional, extraordinary and large expenditures, contractual obligations, and other liable actions shall not be undertaken without the endorsement of the members by a simple majority at vote.

No expenditure, obligation or liability shall be undertaken which exceeds of may reasonably be expected to exceed the liquid assets of IPMS/OC certainly to hand, whether endorsed or not by a majority of members, save that the members may, by a simple majority at vote, elect to make extraordinary donations to the Treasury in order to permit the expenditure, obligation or liability.

Article IX

Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws may be proposed at any general meeting by any member in good standing, and may be incorporated in the Constitution and Bylaws subject to the following:

  1. Any proposed Amendment shall be presented in writing, at the meeting whereat it is proposed, the Executive Committee for review.
  2. The Executive Committee shall review the proposed Amendment and deliberate the disposition thereof for no more than fifty-five (55) days
  3. The Executive Committee shall consider any proposed Amendment for pertinence, suitability, applicability and duplication of intent
  4. The Executive Committee shall report to the members its recommended disposition of any proposed Amendment not later than two (2) calendar months after the meeting at which the Amendment is proposed.
  5. The Executive Committee shall ensure that all members in good standing are advised of the meeting at which a vote will be taken on the acceptance or not of any Proposed Amendment, and shall ensure that all such members possess a copy thereof
  6. Any Amendment shall be adopted and incorporated in the Constitution and Bylaws if endorsed by a majority of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present and in good standing at vote.

Article X

Members of IPMS/OC shall conduct themselves in a modest, decorous, orderly and pacific manner at all times, shall observe all laws, ordinances and governance’s of Nation, State, and City or Municipality pertaining to public behavior, and shall observe all rules implicitly and explicitly set by the Lessor of the meeting place.

IPMS/OC contest rules shall be guided by the contest rules of IPMS/USA and IPMS International, which, however, shall in no way be binding, constraining, or obligatory upon IPMS/OC.

Model contests sponsored by IPMS/OC shall be guided by the contest rules of IPMS/USA and IPMS International, and participants shall abide by the IPMS/OC contest rules, which shall be considered part of this Article.

Entrants in IPMS/OC shall be provided with contest rules as part of the model registration package, and, by entering the contest, shall be deemed thereby to have accepted the contest rules.

Failure by an entrant to observe the contest rules shall thereby render any and/or all models entered by that entrant ineligible for any award at that contest.

Failure of a model entry to satisfy the contest rules shall thereby render the model ineligible for any award at that contest.