Monthly Contest Themes

IPMSOC 2024 Monthly Contest Themes:

Jan: Old Kits – Any subject built from a kit originally released BEFORE 1980.  Reissues may be used.  Bring instructions and/or box art.

FEBRUARY: SCI-FI/FANTASY LAND- Anything not a reality now from books, TV, movies or radio.

MARCH: MULTI-ENGINE/WING- Planes with multiple engines or wings from any era. You will get double points for entries with both requirements.

APRIL: APRIL’S FOOLS- Weird or funny entries.

MAY: NON-PLASTIC MODELING- No plastic allowed please. Only metal, paper or resin car, plane, ship or civilian or military vehicle need apply.

JUNE: D-DAY INVASION- Anything to do with D-Day, ships, planes, vehicles, structures or figures.

JULY: CRUISE NIGHT- Let’s see if we can get some of the thousands of car models to show up. We will give out double points of non-IPMS members.

AUGUST: TIN CANS-DESTROYERS- U.S. Navy destroyers of the Second World War.

SEPTEMBER: COLD WAR TANKS- Tanks only from 1945 to 1991 or the end of the Soviet Union.

OCTOBER: MONSTER MASH- Halloween theme. Entries must be an entry that the members will see while out trick or treating in their neighborhood.

NOVEMBER: Drag and Race car Night.

DECEMBER: Day of Infamy – Planes, ships, submarines or figures that were at Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941.

JANUARY 2025: DIORAMAS- Make a diorama with at least ground material and vegetation, a vehicle, a figure and most importantly a story.