Club Member Profiles

IPMSOC Club Member Profiles Click on the name for pictures and information about your fellow OC club members: Elias Ali Michael Bare Bob Bolton Herb Deeks Mark Deliduka Julian English Jim Fleming Jim Harlow Jake Holshuh Jeff Hunter Richard Nicoletti Ken Pick Darnell Pocinich Owen Ryan Terry Stewart    

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OrangeCon 2021 Gallery

OrangeCon 2021-Winners gallery: Ships: Submarines: Allied Tanks: Axis Tanks: Tanks – Patton: Tanks – Non Patton: Artillery & Open Top Self-Propelled Guns: Wheeled, Half Track, Tracked, Armored Vehicles: Wheeled, Half Track, Tracked, Un-Armored Vehicles: Medium Scale Military Vehicles Allied All types: Medium Scale Military Vehicles Axis All types: Small Scale Military Vehicles All types: Small Scale Military Vehicles (All types, […]

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