Rules and Regulations

OrangeCon Rules & Regulations

IPMS Orange County is the sole arbiter of Contest Categories and Contest Rules. IPMS Orange County reserves the right to make changes and additions at any time. The rules in effect at OrangeCon will be available prior to, as well as on, the day of the event.

The following rules have been adapted from those set out by IPMS-USA for use at National Contests. Certain rules and/or portions of rules have been modified or excluded from this document as not germane to IPMS Orange County and OrangeCon. These omitted rules govern national eligibility, categories not offered at OrangeCon, etc. Rules omitted from this document will not be in force for OrangeCon.

There are a few general reminders:

No previous OrangeCon winning models maybe entered in the current OrangeCon contest. Nor may award winning models from IPMS Nationals be entered with the exception of the most recent National convention contest (usually in August and immediately preceeding OrangeCon in October of each year). Previous winning models from any National are always welcomed for “Exhibition only”.

All models must represent the sole and exclusive work of the individual whose name appears on the entry form. Proxy entries are allowed, but the builder’s name must appear on the entry form.


  1. Model contests sponsored by IPMS Orange County are open to all individuals who satisfy the entry requirements, complete the necessary registration procedures and/or forms and pay any required entry fee.
  2. All entries must be the sole work of the individual whose name appears on the entry form. Proxy entries are allowed, but the actual builder’s name must appear on the entry form.
  3. Exhibitors are encouraged to leave their models in the display room until after the awards presentations have been completed, so that all attendees may have the maximum opportunity to view them.
  4. Models that have won awards of any type at past IPMS Orange County OrangeCon contests and IPMS Nationals winners (except for the same year IPMS winners) are not eligible to enter.
  5. “Test Shot” or pre-production examples of kits that are not yet commercially available may not be entered in any OrangeCon categories.
  6. There shall be no depiction of excretory functions depicting any human being or animal. There shall be no depiction of sado-masochistic activity, equipment, settings or situations, to any degree, regardless of whether there are figures in the model and regardless of whether any figures present in the model are clothed. There shall be no depictions of explicit sexual conduct, bilateral or autoerotic, regardless of degree and regardless of the clothing-status of the participants that involves the touching of the breasts or genitals or other erogenous zones of any depicted figure. There shall be no depiction of any nude human male or female figures where the genitalia of the figures are exposed or where the clear intent of the same is to portray a sexual scene. The Contest Director and/or Head Judge may exclude from competition and/or public display any entries which he considers to be offensive to generally acknowledged standards of taste and acceptability.
  7. The Contest Director and/or Head Judge may exclude from competition and/or public display any entries that are of an excessive physical size, or use, contain or emit materials that may be hazardous to, or not conducive to attendees or contest staff.
  8. Advertising for any business, website or social media platform is not permitted on the Contest Tables.  This includes, but is not limited to, business cards, brochures, URLs, Social Media addresses, or notations on model entry forms.  Advertisements that models are “For Sale” or solicitations for custom builds are also not permitted on the contest tables

Section II – CONTEST

  1. The use of plastic is encouraged; however, the use of other modeling materials is allowed as the builder sees fit. Judging standards of finish, attention to detail, and authenticity will be the same, regardless of the materials used.
  2. Scratchbuilt models may incorporate parts from kits and/or after market components, but these should be generally unrelated to their original identity, except for minor parts such as wheels, guns, etc.
  3. FIGURES division entries will not be classified as dioramas by the inclusion of accessories supplied in the figure kits. Flats and Busts will be placed in the appropriate scale categories.
  4. In aircraft and vehicle divisions, markings will determine the category in which a model is entered (e.g. civil vs. military, street vs. racing).
  5. All vehicle-carried missiles will be placed in the Military Vehicles division. All missiles used in space research, in flight attitude or on landing gears or launch pad will be entered in the Spacecraft category.
  6. Jet Aircraft categories include manned, rocket-powered aircraft such as the Me-163, X-1, X-15, X-24, etc.
  7. BASES/DIORAMAS. Bases will be allowed in all categories and will not be considered in the judging except in the Diorama classes. A base may be plain wood, plastic, stone, or other “plain” material. A base may also simulate the natural surface on which the prototype would be found; however, nothing other than that surface may be used. Aircraft and vehicles may rest on simulated ground or paving, and aircraft which need beaching gear or dollies may be so equipped. Ships may be displayed on a surface representing or simulating water (But not in dry-docks, slipways, submarine pens, etc.). The base must not be the predominant feature of the entry and must be of a size proportionate to the model. The Contest Director and Judges reserve the right to exclude oversized bases. The model may include primary crew members (pilots, drivers, crew etc.) on or outside the vehicle. The addition of any other figures or equipment outside, or not attached to the model ( e.g., support equipment, foliage, shell splashes, buildings, etc.) will make the model a Diorama if they encumber a full 360 degree view of the model, which must then be entered in the proper Diorama category.

Dioramas are judged not only on the technical merit of their construction, but also on the strength of the theme or story they present, so that if two dioramas were technically equal, the one having the stronger theme or story would win.

  • DISPLAY CASES. Models may be displayed in transparent cases prior to, and following the completion of Contest Judging. IPMS Orange County asks that the cases be removed by the owner prior to Judging. The Contest Director and/or Head Judge have the right to exclude from judging any model left in a display case that does not permit close scrutiny of the models.

All possible exemptions cannot be pre-defined so modelers are encouraged to check with the Head Judge prior to judging to understand if their work falls within the OOB criteria. Modelers are expected to indicate on their entry form weather the model is eligible for any of the Special Award Theme categories, as well as for OOB consideration.

Models will be judged for skill in construction, finish, realism, scope of effort, and accuracy. All models within a specific category will be held to same criteria. Additional criteria are considered for special categories such as dioramas and Humor. Models are three-dimensional, scale representations of three-dimensional, full-size articles. For that reason, models will be judged in three dimensions and examined in all aspects. Entries will be handled, by judges both for proper table placement and for judging, as required. Models in the Contest Room may be covered by cases while on general public display, but such cases must be removed from models for judging. Judges will not remove cases from models unless the modeler has given explicit, written, approval in advance. Models in cases will not be judged. Models entered in the Humor category will be judged on both their humor content and the degree of modeling skill which they represent. Judges will adhere to the standards set forth in the I.P.M.S. Competition handbook.

Beside the Best of Show, Contest Theme Award and special awards, awards will be presented for:

  1. Best Aircraft
  2. Best Automotive
  3. Best Diorama or Historical Figure
  4. Best Military Vehicle
  5. Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  6. Best of the Rest

The “Best” entries in each category will be determined by a vote of the judges assigned to that category, First, second, and third place awards will be given in each category. A modified “Sweeps” rule will be used allowing for individual contestants to receive a maximum of two awards per category. The “Best of Show” will be chosen from among the Category Bests by vote of the Category Head Judges, lead by the Chief Judge.

A Head Judge must be chosen and he must brief all judges before the contest judging. Judges may not judge a category in which they are entered. Where possible, judging teams will be comprised of an odd number of judges. Strict impartiality will be observed, violators will be removed from judging future events. All JUDGES DECISIONS AREFINAL.

Contest registrars will help determine proper entry categories for models during registration, but final category placement is at the discretion of contest judges. Judges may combine or split categories during the final judging. All JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL.

No Liability for loss or damage of any kind to contest entries is assumed by IPMSUSA, IPMS Orange County or its individual members, Venue Lessor, Event Guests, Contest Committee or the Contest Judges.